Thursday, February 4, 2016

I can’t take a hint

Sarah Palin accused Ted Cruz of lying about Ben Carson and stealing the Iowa caucus. This is my favorite thing in politics, when people lie and cheat to get the evangelical Christian vote. –Conan O’Brien
This morning, Donald Trump tweeted that Ted Cruz "illegally stole" the election. Trump said, "Everyone knows you’re supposed to illegally BUY the election." –Conan O’Brien
This week, Mike Huckabee, Martin O’Malley, Rand Paul, and Rick Santorum have all decided to drop out of the race. Which explains Jeb Bush’s new campaign slogan, "I can’t take a hint." –Conan O’Brien
A man in Canada has built a model of the Millennium Falcon that can clear snow off his driveway. Apparently it makes a nice, clear path to his door that no woman will ever enter. –Conan O’Brien

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