Monday, April 24, 2017

Redacted Tonight: Even The Media's Language Is Meant To Deceive

Redacted Tonight: Mainstream Media Won't Disclose Contributors Who Work For Weapons Companies

Ring of Fire: Sean Spicer Can’t Name A Single Legislative Accomplishment From Trump

Ring of Fire: After $1 Million Gift, Dow Asks White House To Ignore Science

Ring of Fire: Establishment Democrats Refuse To Stop The Bernie Bashing

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Democracy Now!: First Roger Ailes, Now Bill O'Reilly: Sexual Harassment Scandal Ousts Top Men at Fox News

they were getting the crap hoped out of them (F for Fantastic)

"But there is some good news, nation. The Democrats are killing themselves. This week, on the liberal website Daily Kos, a civil war has broken out. Clinton bloggers are protesting what they feel is an abusively pro-Obama environment. Apparently, they were getting the crap hoped out of them. I read all 1,258 angry comments. 

Folks, I love when Democrats spend all their time in anonymous Internet feuds, anything to keep them off the 'Casual Encounters' section on Craigslist. Meanwhile, Barack Obama was on the defensive over his ties to controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Yesterday, he responded with a speech on race. Press reaction to the speech was mixed. 

The New York Times compared it to addresses by Lincoln, FDR and Kennedy, and called it 'powerful' and 'frank.' While the Los Angeles Times compared it to speeches by Lincoln, FDR and Kennedy, but called it 'remarkable' and 'historic.' Oh, but every time I give a speech about how angry black people are, they call me a racist." --Stephen Colbert