Sunday, December 17, 2017

Another example of government waste (He did poo-poo them though)

"Louisiana Senator David Vitter has admitted he was a client of the DC madam. She made public a list of all her clients' phone numbers. Here's my question: If you're so stupid to go to a prostitute and give her your real name and your Senate office phone number, how did you get elected in the first place?" --Jay Leno

"The DC madam said he sometimes paid $300 an hour just to have the hookers talk to him ... and they didn't have sex. Another example of government waste." --Jay Leno

"Here's just the creepiest part of the story: there are now reports that the senator paid prostitutes to dress him up in a diaper. He's not denying these allegations. He did poo-poo them though." --Jay Leno #JohnHulse #collectedpoems #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: Rupert Murdoch Shamelessly Denies Sexual Harassment At Fox News  #JohnHulse #CollectedPoems #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans 

Jimmy Dore: Media Watchdog Shames MSNBC’s Horrible Russia Coverage  #JohnHulse #CollectedPoems #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans 

Otherwise known as a 'Gentleman's F' (its level of goodness)

"But obviously the top story while we were gone had to be the war in Iraq. As you know, we are now entering our fifth year of making very good progress in Iraq. Obviously, the president defining progress now as 'moving forward through time.' But this spring, Congress finally asked the president for some specifics about our progress and its level of goodness. They required him to submit regular reports, and our first report card is in [on screen: Bush saying the Iraqis have made progress on eight of 18 benchmarks]. Yes! There you have it -- eight of 18. Otherwise known as a 'Gentleman's F.'" --Jon Stewart #JohnHulse #collectedpoems #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Saturday, December 16, 2017

the president means it just as much as Fox does (Imagine my surprise)

"Imagine my surprise when I come back to work and find out that the president of the United States commuted Scooter Libby's sentence. How little does the president care what you think about that? [on screen: Bush saying it was a 'fair and balanced' decision]. He's literally just using Fox News' slogan now. Here's the thing about the phrase 'fair and balanced' -- the president means it just as much as Fox does." --Jon Stewart #JohnHulse #collectedpoems #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

"A Frog Goes Into a Bank to Get a Loan" Joke - Norm Macdonald  #JohnHulse #CollectedPoems #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans 

Gene Vincent - Say Mama  #JohnHulse #CollectedPoems #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans