Tuesday, April 5, 2016

someone forgot to write "Happy Birthday" on Kim Jong Un's wall

Tomorrow is the Wisconsin presidential primary, which could actually be pivotal for the Republican race for president. While Milwaukee has already played a major role by making all the beer that's helped us through it. –Jimmy Fallon
Donald Trump told The Washington Post that he'll be able to get the United States completely out of debt in eight years. When asked how, Trump was like, "Easy, declare bankruptcy and start fresh! It's fantastic. I've done it already. It's amazing." –Jimmy Fallon
Hillary Clinton said on "Meet the Press" yesterday that the FBI has not reached out to schedule an interview with her regarding her private email server. When asked how she'd respond to such a request, Hillary said, "Oh, I'd delete it." –Jimmy Fallon
North Korea officially announced it is blocking Facebook. So it looks like someone forgot to write "Happy Birthday" on Kim Jong Un's wall. –Jimmy Fallon

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