Wednesday, October 26, 2016

You can’t take advantage of them just ’cause they went to Yale! (apple pie hole)

Hundreds of Harvard students staged a walkout this week in solidarity with university dining hall workers who are on strike. Said Harvard students, “You can’t take advantage of them just ’cause they went to Yale!” –Seth Meyers
The government just announced that next year Obamacare  premiums are going up by 25 percent. I haven’t seen Obama hike something so high since he stopped wearing mom jeans. –Stephen Colbert
Affordable healthcare will just never work for this country. Insane medical bills are as American as hot dogs, apple pie, and the $3,600 bill to remove the hot dog lodged in your apple pie hole. –Stephen Colbert
And the next president clearly will have to come in and clean up this mess. Unless it’s Trump, in which case, all healthcare will be replaced by a “Dr. Oz” episode about calf implants. –Stephen Colbert

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