Thursday, August 23, 2018

Madden Indianapolis Colts vs Minnesota Vikings

I have been working on a
paper for the Education Market.
The paper talks about using
video games as a teaching tool for
children with learning

The age demographic would be
8 to 18. Games could be up to the teacher or student to chose. Games might
include soccer, football, basketball, etc.

Students could learn about
various historical or fictional characters and create them as players for their
team. It would allow the student to study history, philosophy, religion,
sports, popular culture, etc. and then create the characters to be a part of
their team. The students would even be able to play along side their created

In this example I used PS4
Madden 17. On some of the teams historical figures like Martin Luther King, and
Abraham Lincoln will play on the same team with authors like Ernest Hemingway
and William Shakespeare, or Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur.

The process is meant to be a
simple and fun way for kids to learn
subjects such as world
history, literature, poetry, art, music, science and vocabulary.

Maybe PS4/XBOX machines might
be donated or discounted to schools for these classes. More on the paper as it
is fleshed out. Enjoy the simulations.

On the Indianapolis Colts

Former Colt players, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dwight
Freeney, Robert Mathis, Bob Sanders, Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton

Offensive Line

LT         Paul McCartney,
musician The Beatles
LT         Nelson Mandela,
South African leader
LG         Jesus, some folks
Lord and Savior
LG         Ringo Starr,
musician The Beatles
C         Charles Bukowski,
C         Muddy Waters,
RG         God
RG         Winston Churchill,
English Prime Minister
RT         John Lennon,
musician The Beatles
RT         George Harrison,
musician The Beatles
TE/DT         Clay Brannon, boy
WR/DE         Jeremiah Brewster,
wonder boy

DT         Army, Jack Renforth
(RIP), TE Paul Bantley (RIP)
HB/LB G. Hulse, Army, HB J. Purkey,
Navy, T.F., Marines

More Colts players include
Martin Luther King, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, as well as characters
from Star Trek…

Jeanluc Picard, Cmndr Worf,
Cmdr Data, James Kirk,
Mr Spock, Jonathan Archer,
Cmdr Tuvok, Geordi LaForge
Ben Sisko

Performers and popular
culture, Jack Bauer, 24, played by Keifer Sutherland, Nate Fisher, Six Feet
Under, played by Peter Krause.

Also for sentimental reasons,
some fallen friends and family are on this team. Semper Fi. May you rest in

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy


QB         Colin Kaepernick,
QB         Steve Young, NFL
QB         Jimmy Dore,
comedian, political activist
QB         Willie Beamen, Any
Given Sunday, played by Jamie Foxx
HB         Bob Dylan, musician
HB         Jed Bartlet, West
Wing, played by Martin Sheen
HB         Jackie Robinson,
HB         Edward R. Murrow,
FB         Edward Snowden,
WR         Cris Carter, NFL
WR         Randy Moss, NFL
WR         Julian Assange,
WR         Bernie Sanders,
Independent senator, Vermont
WR         Salem Poor, American
WR         Noam Chomsky,
WR         Usain Bolt, Olympic
WR         Francois Truffaut,
TE         Malcolm X, civil
rights leader
TE         Kyle Kulinsky,
political activist
TE         David Wood, USMC
TE         Marshall Eriksen,
How I Met Your Mother, played by Jason Segel
LT         Gary Zimmerman, NFL
LT          Thomas Frank, author
LG         Jeremy Corbyn,
English political leader
LG         Willie Dixon,
C         Glenn Greenwald,
C         Noam Chomsky,
RG         Stephen Colbert,
RG         David Palmer, 24,
played by Dennis Haysbert
RT         Ron Yary, NFL
RT         Bob Marley, musician


LE         Jared Allen, NFL
LE         Scott Replogle, boy
LE         Han Solo, Star Wars,
played by Harrison Ford
LE         George Foreman,
LE         Eric Clapton,
RE         Carl Eller, NFL
RE         Sun Tzu, Chinese
military leader
RE         Chuck D, musician
RE         Billy Preston,
DT         Elvis Presley,
DT         Alan Page, NFL
DT         Cmndr Worf, Star
Trek, played by Michael Dorn
DT         Jim Marshall, NFL
DT         Gary Larsen, NFL
LB         Ed Schultz,
political activist
LB         John Sheppard,
Stargate Atlantis, played by Joe Flanigan
LB         Marshall Eriksen,
How I Met Your Mother, played by Jason Segel
LB         Lando Calrissian,
Star Wars, played by Billy Dee Williams
LB         Jack Del Rio, NFL
LB         Sugar Ray Robinson,
LB         Nelson Mandela,
South African political leader
LB         Alex Brewster, boy wonder
LB         Immanuel Kant,
LB         Stanley Kubrick,
LB         John Snow, Game of
Thrones, played by Kit Harington
LB         Toussaint
Louverture, slave revolt leader
LB          Don Draper, Mad Men,
played by Jon Hamm
LB         Django Reinhardt,
CB         Bob Dylan, musician
CB         Prince, musician
CB         Chuck Berry,
CB         Jack Bauer, 24,
played by Keifer Sutherland
CB         Tupac Shakur,
CB         Lee Camp, comedian,
political activist
CB         Jules Winnfield,
Pulp Fiction, played by Samuel L. Jackson
FS         Paul Krause, NFL
FS         Miles Davis,
FS         Charles Deslondes,
slave revolt leader
SS         Rob Stark, Game of
Thrones, played by Richard Madden
SS         F. Scott Fitzgerald,
SS         Jean Cocteau, French
artist and filmmaker

Special Teams

K         Saul Alinsky, social

P         Glenn Greenwald,

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