Monday, July 31, 2017

Young Turks: BREAKING: Trump Fires Anthony Scaramucci #repealreplacerepublicans #FeeltheBern
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Young Turks: Nancy Pelosi Has Got To Go #repealreplacerepublicans #FeeltheBern
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Peter Cook and Dudley Moore - One-legged Tarzan sketch #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Watch The Regrettes’ ferocious take on “Fox On The Run” #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Tori Amos "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (1992) #repealreplacerepublicans #FeeltheBern
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Fleetwood Mac - The Chain - Live in Japan 1977 #repealreplacerepublicans #FeeltheBern
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Jimmy Dore: Flint Government Says Water Safe To Drink, Journalist Skeptical #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way - 1977 #repealreplacerepublicans #FeeltheBern
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Jerry Lee Lewis "You Win Again" (1979) #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Jerry Lee Lewis -Whole Lotta Shakin Going On (Live 1964) #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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some paintings July 2017 #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Two More Months and It Ain’t My Problem (steel trap, pt.6)

"And you know, John McCain wants to suspend his debate with Barack Obama until the economic crisis is over. And Sarah Palin now wants to suspend her debate with Joe Biden until she can find Europe on a map. So we'll see what happens there." --Jay Leno

"I was watching the news on television earlier, and George Bush says the economy is in danger. Nothing gets past this guy! Wow! Like a steel trap." --David Letterman

"Earlier tonight, President Bush gave a speech about the Wall Street financial crisis. The title of Bush’s speech was 'Two More Months and It Ain’t My Problem.'" --Conan O'Brien #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Oct 8, 1994 Elvis Tribute Show-Faith Hill- Trying to Get To You #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Shania Twain - Forever And For Always (With Willie Nelson) #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Scarlett Johansson & Pete Yorn - Live France #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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NickelBack How You Remind Me Live Germany #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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The Black Keys - Lonely Boy #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Petula Clark - You're The One #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Guided By Voices - Hold On Hope - 5/9/2000 #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Jack White - Concert Privé - female band (Live Canal 3.05.2012) #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Rolling Stones I'm a king bee #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Little By Little - The Rolling Stones 1964 #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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THE ROLLING STONES - Oh Baby (1965) #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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PJ Harvey - To bring you my love #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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REM - Strange Currencies Arena di Verona, Italy 21 July 2008 #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Secular Talk: Hillary Writes Book On Her 2016 Loss To Trump #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Secular Talk: Republicans Turn To Tax Cuts For The Rich #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Secular Talk: Tomi Lahren Uses Obamacare #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Secular Talk: Pro-Corbyn Ad Is Effective Politics & Ticks Off All The Right People #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Jimmy Dore: Pro Jeremy Corbyn Commercial Makes Right Wingers Cry #FeeltheBern @justicedems
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Secular Talk: Ding Dong The Obamacare Repeal Is Dead #repealreplacerepublicans #FeeltheBern
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FLEETWOOD MAC RHIANNON 1976 #repealreplacerepublicans #FeeltheBern
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You see how easy it is? (Smarter Than.....)

"I listened to President Bush's speech. I think I understand this whole economic crisis. See, rich people on Wall Street made a big mess. And they're too rich to clean it up. So the rest of America, you know, their maids and butlers, they have to clean it up for them. You see how easy it is?" --Jay Leno
"Sarah Palin has been all over the news recently. Yesterday, she was in New York at the U.N. General Assembly to meet with leaders from other countries. Previously, her world experience had been limited to a visit to the Epcot Center in Orlando." --Jimmy Kimmel

"As you know, President Bush addressed the nation last night. How many thought they were watching an episode of 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?'" --Jay Leno #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Chubby Checker The Twist #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Young Turks: Trump Hits Murkowski On Twitter. It's Not Very Effective... #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

The Running of the Bullsh** (new jet ski)

"Today it seemed like Congress might have agreed on the $700 billion bailout bill for the banks, but then later on, it turned out that they haven't. For those of you who don't understand what is happening here, think of Wall Street as a no-good brother-in-law who borrows $500 from you and then shows up with a new jet ski." --Jimmy Kimmel

"And today President Bush met with John McCain and Barack Obama. He did take a moment to show them the best place in the Oval Office to hide porn. But McCain showed up without his running mate, Sarah Palin, which is a shame because she has a lot of experience with banking and financial matters. You know, she lives right next to a bank." --Jimmy Kimmel #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Young Turks: Trump PISSED Congress Won't Let Him Lift Russia Sanctions #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

The s - I'm Blue #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Young Turks: 'Skinny Repeal' Fail Makes Mitch A Sad Turtle #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Chris Isaak & LeAnn Rimes - Devil in Disguise #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Young Turks: 'Skinny Repeal' Of Obamacare Goes Down In Flames #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Susanna Hoffs "All I Want" Live #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Nothing gets past this guy! Wow! (Like a steel trap)

"And he, the president of Pakistan, actually told Sarah Palin that she was gorgeous. But you know, he said the same thing to Joe Biden." --David Letterman

"I was watching the news on television earlier, and George Bush says the economy is in danger. Nothing gets past this guy! Wow! Like a steel trap." --David Letterman #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Susanna Hoffs & Matthew Sweet Different Drum #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Young Turks: Trump Fires Suspected Leaker Reince Priebus #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

One nation, under-funded, class-divisible (Who's got the better strategy?)

"So the media is upset that the Republicans keep their lipsticked pit bull on a short leash, the Democrats unneutered stray is apparently off leash, and if I'm not mistaken, right now he's s***ing in your neighbor's rose rose garden. Who's got the better strategy?" --Jon Stewart

"That's how it works. Yeah, John McCain got out of last night's show. I wasn't so lucky. But McCain wants the presidential debate postponed until after the big government bailout, you know. Sarah Palin wants the vice presidential debate postponed until after the election. But that's a different deal." --David Letterman #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Young Turks: Scaramucci Destroys Steve Bannon In NSFW Interview #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: Trump Is To Blame For Obamacare Repeal Failure #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Now he's gone the extra step of saying he would rather lose an election than win an election!

"Just a few hours ago, Senator John McCain stood up and showed us he has the grit and resolve to lead America through this dark time! [on screen: McCain announcing he will suspend his campaign and return to Washington]. He is suspending his campaign! I, for one, cannot think of anything more presidential than suspending your presidential campaign! 
Being president demands suspending all kinds of things! Habeas corpus. Gitmo prisoners. Now McCain can focus all of his attention on fixing this economic meltdown. He knew suspending his campaign was the only answer when he saw these frightening numbers! [on screen: McCain's 'poll numbers' in severe decline]. No, Jimmy, the other frightening numbers! 
[on screen: the Wall Street numbers in severe decline]. Of course, cynics are going to say that McCain is just using this crisis to appear presidential while ducking Friday's first presidential debate. Well, he does not care about politics, folks! 
Remember, McCain once famously said he would rather lose an election than lose a war. Now he's gone the extra step of saying he would rather lose an election than win an election!" --Stephen Colbert #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: NBC News Smears Jeremy Corbyn As Anti-Semite #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Susanna Hoffs - Eternal Flame (Live) #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Sheryl Crow - "Squeeze Box" #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: US Navy Fires At Iranian Military Boat #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

That's how anachronistic Joe Biden roles (Obama won't take his shotgun)

"Now, why is John McCain so afraid to let Sarah Palin face the press? What's the worst that could happen if you allow your vice presidential pick a little bit of rope? [on screen: Joe Biden saying that Franklin Roosevelt got on television when the stock market crashed and assured the nation]. One, Roosevelt wasn't president when the stock market crashed. And, two, no one had televisions. 

That's how anachronistic Joe Biden roles. I remember when Lincoln, during the Revolutionary War did a guest appearance on 'The View,' and told them the War of Spanish Aggression cannot stand. A little reckless, but it wasn't bad [on screen: Biden saying Obama won't take his shotgun, and if Obama 'starts to mess with my Beretta, he's got a problem]. 

One, the Beretta, I believe, is a handgun, not a shotgun. And, two -- and this may be more important -- you appear to possibly be threatening gun violence against your own running mate. I'd notify the Secret Service, but they're with you 24 hours a day." --Jon Stewart #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Sheryl Crow "Rock and Roll" (Led Zeppelin) 2002 #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: Fox & Friends Angry Over Democrats Celebrating Healthcare Victory #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

You ever hear the joke about the difference between a flower and a hockey mom?

"Now, you may have heard that the McCain camp has been limiting access to Sarah Palin. But that's not true. You just saw her sitting down there with Hamid Karzai talking about his son. Of course, no access make media angry [on screen: montage of media commentators saying they should have access to Palin and that she isn't a 'delicate flower']. She can kill a moose! With her bare hands! Rip its heart out and show it to the moose! She will rip its heart out and show it to the moose before eating it. You ever hear the joke about the difference between a flower and a hockey mom? One has both male and female reproductive organs, and the other one's a flower. Boom!" --Jon Stewart #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: John McCain Healthcare Vote Was NOT Courageous #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Trump's White House on Acid (something you run around)

"Sarah Palin was in New York City this week. She met with some world leaders yesterday and went to the Central Park Zoo, yeah. Took her five hours to get through the zoo, 'cause she had to keep stopping to reload." --Jay Leno

It's a very exciting time here in New York City. Yesterday Sarah Palin took some time away from real America to visit New York City. Her team of mushers safely escorted her through the ravenous throng of sodomites, Jews and media elites to get her foreign policy ticket punched with photo-ops with Henry Kissinger, Colombia's Alvaro Uribe, and Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai. Did you know he just had a baby? [on screen: Palin asking Karzai what the name of his new baby is -- Mirwais -- and that it means 'light of the house']. 'Mirwais, huh? What a weird name. My son is named Track. It means something you run around.'" --Jon Stewart #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: Republicans Call For Mitch McConnell To Step Down #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

I find that giving rich people tons of money they don't need makes me feel better

"Some financial analysts are saying we're bailing out institutions with money we don't have, which makes the dollar even more worthless. In fact, today, God said, 'Could you take my name off the bill?" --Jay Leno

And yesterday, Senator Chris Dodd said that the bailout plan would put the Constitution at risk, to which Bush said, 'Oh, please, we haven't used that old thing in years.'" --Jay Leno #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: Cops Cheer Trump’s Call To Brutalize Citizens #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: Trump’s Boy Scouts Speech Montage - Hilarious! #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

How soon until I can start pointing fingers again? (White House panic room)

"No, actually, the real reason John McCain says he's postponing the debate is to concentrate on the economic crisis. In fact, President Bush spoke to the nation earlier tonight, addressing the financial crisis. He spoke live from the White House panic room." --Jay Leno

"Do you even understand this Bush economic plan? Do you understand how it works? See, here's how it works. When you screw up, you pay. When they screw up, you pay! Yeah, actually very simple." --Jay Leno #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

The only time congress bothers to lift a finger (making her look sober)

"John McCain has been trying to look younger on the campaign trail by using a makeup artist named Tiffany who works on 'American Idol.' True story, yeah. Tiffany says, 'Making John McCain look younger is easy, but what is really hard is making Paula Abdul look sober.'" --Conan O'Brien

"John McCain wants to postpone Friday night's presidential debate. And he has temporarily suspended his campaign. Yeah, so, apparently, this news about Clay Aiken being gay has affected him more than anybody thought." --Jay Leno #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Two More Months and It Ain’t My Problem (Promise of support)

"Today, John McCain made a big announcement. He said he wants to postpone Friday’s presidential debate, but not because of the economic crisis. It turns out TV Land is airing a 'Golden Girls' marathon." --Conan O'Brien

"Earlier tonight, President Bush gave a speech about the Wall Street financial crisis. The title of Bush’s speech was 'Two More Months and It Ain’t My Problem.'" --Conan O'Brien #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Lee Camp: The Democrats Try to Rebrand Their Corruption: QUICK TAKE #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Humanist Report: Dems Launch "Better Deal" Platform & Slogan as Part of Rebranding Effort #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: Democrats' New Economic Message Even Worse Than You Think #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: Al Franken Refuses To Answer Single-Payer Question #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Jimmy Dore: Scaramucci: “I’m Not Trying To Suck My Own C*ck!" #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #repealreplacerepublicans

Friday, July 28, 2017

Trump prepared for debates by watching Friday the 13th (censored version)

The publisher of Hillary Clinton’s upcoming memoir announced today that the title of her book will be the statement “What Happened.” Well, that’s the censored version. –Seth Meyers
In a recent interview, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed that the he watched clips from the popular TV show “The West Wing” to prepare for debates. While Donald Trump prepared for debates by watching “Friday the 13th.” –Seth Meyers #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

The purpose of her trip hasn't been announced (sanctuary?/Wing Nut Love)

Now I don't know, Reince Priebus might be the leak, Scaramucci might be lying. Only one thing is certain, I can't spell either of their names. –James Corden
First lady Melania Trump announced today that her first solo international trip will be to Toronto, Canada. The purpose of her trip hasn't been announced. But I'm guessing sanctuary? –Seth Meyers #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

which is a great start for a communications director (his meds are finally kicking in?)

A lot of news coming out of the White House, but strangely enough, Donald Trump isn't the one making the news this time. I guess his meds are finally kicking in? –James Corden
Anthony Scaramucci was livid last night after some of his financial information was leaked, so he went on Twitter and seemingly blamed chief of staff Reince Priebus for the leak, but then he deleted the tweet later, which is a great start for a communications director. –James Corden #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans

Repeal and Replace Republicans (clown motel parking spot)

“Dancing With the Stars” is reportedly trying to get former White House press secretary Sean Spicer to be a contestant, marking the first “Dancing With the Stars” contestant who’s hit rock bottom before going on the show. –Jimmy Fallon
The owner of a clown motel in Nevada is looking to sell it. The clown motel is like any other motel, except it only has one parking spot. –Jimmy Fallon #FeeltheBern @justicedems @BrandNew535 #Bernie2020 #repealreplacerepublicans