Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton Might Run in 2020. Clinton Not Ruling Out 2020 Presidential Run

Republicans Target Medicare Despite Trump's Promise To Protect It

Obama On Why Democrats Lost In 2016

Obama Fulfills Neocon Promise To Expand Global War

Barack Obama's Pretty Words Are Lies That Hide His Reprehensible Actions

Hillary Clinton Popular Vote Lead Now Over 2.3 Million Votes

Jill Stein May Save Hillary Clinton From Her Own Incompetence

Trump Tweets Massive Lie, Gets The Headline He Wanted

Same Fraud That Screwed Bernie Is What Hillary Claims Happened To Her

Trump Convinces Carrier To Keep 1,000 Jobs In America

Bernie Sanders Exposes Trump's Infrastructure Plan as a SCAM

#NoDAPL Update: North Dakota Governor Orders Evacuation of Standing Rock Protest Sitek...

Social Security Now VERY Vulnerable Under Trump Presidency

Journo Tweets A Doozy About Why Gore Lost

Trump Scores a Victory Today That Obama Would Have Never Gotten

The Electoral College declares Cleveland Indians World Series Champions! (11/29/16)

With 99ish% of the vote in...

Hillary Clinton     64,826,475     48.2%
Donald Trump      62,493,730     46.4%

Difference:   2,332,745

Let's say your favorite team is the Chicago Cubs and they are playing the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. It's Game 7 with everything on the line. The game is amazing, extra innings. Stomach in knots. But after 10 glorious innings the Cubs prevail over the Indians 8-7.

When all of a sudden, something called the Electoral College steps in and declares Cleveland the winner.

US Military Builds 'Nerve Center' For Endless War In Middle East

Bernie Proposes The 'Outsourcing Prevention Act' - Will Trump Sign On?

A Fact On Income Inequality That Will Blow Your Mind

Hillary Campaign Boss Unbelievable Long List Of Excuses For Losing-Live From Hollywood Improv

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Corporate Dems FURIOUS Tulsi Gabbard Won't Toe Party Line

Elizabeth Warren's DEAFENING Silence On Standing Rock

Jordan & Oil Police’s EPIC Thanksgiving Clash

Jill Stein's Recount Initiative EXPLODES—Trump Attacks Green Party

So congratulations, Defense Secretary Scott Baio! (The Breakfast Club)

Breakfast Club star Anthony Michael Hall is facing seven years in prison for fighting his neighbor. However, his lawyer is trying to plea bargain that down to just serving detention with Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, and Judd Nelson. –Conan O’Brien
Donald Trump is giving key positions in his cabinet to people who were loyal to him early on. So congratulations, Defense Secretary Scott Baio! –Conan O’Brien

Then someone told Trump it’s not illegal for women to vote (Hey, you promised)

Trump was seen wearing a hat that says "45" on the side, signifying that he will be the 45th president. Or the total number of days before he quits being president. He's like, "It's been fun — it's been a fun month and a half. You take it from here, Pence." –Conan O’Brien
Donald Trump said he will not try and send Hillary Clinton to jail. After hearing this, Bill Clinton said, "Hey, you promised." –Conan O’Brien
Yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted that millions of people voted illegally on Election Day. Then someone told Trump it’s not illegal for women to vote. –Conan O’Brien

The secret service protecting Donald Trump might have to rent two floors of Trump Tower

Experts are warning shoppers to check the spelling of websites on cyber Monday because there are lookalike sites that try to scam you with a slight misspelling of a store's name. Yep, they said if you want more info on this, just look it up on Goggle. –Jimmy Fallon
Trump went on Twitter yesterday to claim that he actually won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of illegal voters and that any recount will change nothing. Speaking of nothing changing, Trump won and still says the election was rigged. –Jimmy Fallon 
The secret service protecting Donald Trump might have to rent two floors of trump tower, forcing taxpayers to pay $3 million in rent back to trump's company. Trump said that is absolutely not true and the rent is $4 million. –Jimmy Fallon

20% of Trump's Wisconsin Win Evaporates Due to "Error" (Pre-Recount)

Trump's Biggest Post-Election LIE: "I Won the Popular Vote"

Marco Rubio on Trump: We HAVE To Give the Erratic Guy With No Ideas a Chance

How To Fight The Political Establishment

Sheriffs Refuse To Reinforce Cops At Standing Rock

Why Top Trump Advisor Hates Mitt Romney

Trump Tweets HUGE Lie About Election

Bernie Sanders Snaps At CNN Host Over Non-Substantive Questions

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Beatles - She's A Woman

The Beatles - Long Tall Sally

The Beatles - I Feel Fine Live in Germany

The Beatles - Nowhere Man Live in Germany

The Beatles - I'm Down Live in Germany

The Beatles - Twist & Shout - Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/23/64

The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand - Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/9/64

The Beatles - Twist & Shout - 1964

Wall Street Journal's Bernie Sanders Hit Piece Backfires (Journalism Fail Series)

Anyone else want to call domestic wiretapping illegal? (It's called Duck!)

"I think Cheney is starting to lose it. After he shot the guy he screamed, 'Anyone else want to call domestic wiretapping illegal?'" --Jay Leno

 "When the ambulance got there, out of force of habit they put Cheney on the stretcher. No, the other guy!" --Jay Leno

"Dick Cheney is capitalizing on this for Valentine's Day. It's the new Dick Cheney cologne. It's called Duck!" --Jay Leno

"Something I just found out today about the incident. Do you know that Dick Cheney tortured the guy for a half hour before he shot him?" --Jay Leno

Cheney now has the worst aim of anyone in the White House since Bill Clinton (body armor)

"We can't get bin Laden, but we nailed a 78-year-old attorney." --David Letterman

 "The guy who got gunned down, he is a Republican lawyer and a big Republican donor and fortunately the buck shot was deflected by wads of laundered cash. So he's fine. He took a little in the wallet." --David Letterman

"Cheney's defense is that he was aiming at a quail when he shot the guy. Which means that Cheney now has the worst aim of anyone in the White House since Bill Clinton." --Jay Leno

"But here is the sad part -- before the trip Donald Rumsfeld had denied the guy's request for body armor." --David Letterman

Why We Can’t Afford the Rich (w/ Andrew Sayer)

we have finally located weapons of mass destruction: It's Dick Cheney (the Reagan Raspberry)

"Police are still investigating. They want to know why Cheney was unable to see the hunter at the time of the accident. And, they also want to know how Cheney wound up with his wallet." --Jimmy Kimmel

"The administration has been getting a lot of criticism for how they handled the situation. First, they didn't tell the media for almost a full day after it happed. The White House press corps was furious. They expect to be told when the vice president shoots a 78-year-old man in the face."  --Jimmy Kimmel

"Good news, ladies and gentlemen, we have finally located weapons of mass destruction: It's Dick Cheney." --David Letterman, on Cheney's shooting accident

we're going to downgrade the condition of this story from 'Incredibly Hilarious' to 'Still funny, but, mmm, now a little sad.'

"Mr. Whittington is doing fine, but based on this development, we're going to downgrade the condition of this story from 'Incredibly Hilarious' to 'Still funny, but, mmm, now a little sad.'" --Jon Stewart, on the heart attack Harry Whittington suffered after being shot by Dick Cheney

"It turns out now that Dick Cheney did not have a license to hunt, and coincidentally, turns out we didn't have a license to go into Iraq." --David Letterman

"Kind of a sad study out today that single women over the age of 35 are more likely to be shot by the vice president than to find a husband." --Jimmy Kimmel

"Remember when the most embarrassing thing to happen to a vice-president was misspelling the word potato?" --Jimmy Kimmel

Jeb Bush's 2016 Goal: Save His Family From Embarrassment?

good news today, so far Cheney has not shot anybody (Bush dead body rebate check)

"Happy Valentine's Day. Good news, good news today -- so far Dick Cheney has not shot anybody." --David Letterman

"The real question now is, is this a one-time thing, or will the vice president try to kill again." --David Letterman

"You can't blame [Cheney]. Bush says you can spy on people without warrants, you can torture people, you can hold people without a trial, so Dick Cheney thinks, 'Oh what the hell, I can shoot a few guys.'" --Jay Leno

"I'm surprised Dick Cheney loves to hunt so much. The five times the government tried to give him a gun, he got a deferment." --Jay Leno

Actor James Cromwell Blasts Oil Police "Thugs"

the only reason he even drank it was to wash down the three hits of ecstasy (Pancake Channel)

"He sat down for a one-on-one with Fox News. Very bold choice. Dick Cheney sitting down with Fox News is like Mrs. Butterworth sitting down with the Pancake Channel." --Jimmy Kimmel

"Cheney says he feels terrible about what happened. The man he shot was his friend and if he could, he'd give him the central processing unit right out of his own heart to make up for it." --Jimmy Kimmel

There was some talk that the vice president had been drinking before he went out to shoot and it turns out that was true. Cheney said he did have a beer during lunch. One beer, and the only reason he even drank it was to wash down the three hits of ecstasy." --Jimmy Kimmel

more of a teat suckle (Dick Cheney Shot A Guy In The Face-Gate)

"See, this is why Republicans have to commit white collar crimes to steal money. They're just not good with guns, they don't know how to handle them." --Jay Leno

"Today, President Bush says he is standing behind the vice president. Way behind him."  --Jay Leno

"America remaining obsessed, fascinated, appalled, by what is being called 'Dick Cheney Shot A Guy In The Face-Gate.'" --Jon Stewart

"A mere five days after shooting a man in the face, Vice President Dick Cheney broke his silence about the incident by submitting to a no-holds-barred grilling at a public press conference. I'm just kidding. Actually, he sat down with Brit Hume on Fox News for not some much a grilling -- more of a teat suckle." --Jon Stewart